Our Philosophy

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We believe that anyone is capable of staying or becoming healthy, provided the body and mind are supplied with the right building blocks. At An Apple a Day, we empower the young & old to create and maintain good health.

Naturopathic medicine combines the strength of evidence-based modern medicine, laboratory tests and diagnostic methods with the century-old healing power of herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes to support the body’s innate healing ability through a customized action plan. Your Naturopathic Doctor has undergone an 8-year University training to leverage the latest medical research and help you implement a safe & effective protocol to address your health concerns.

We closely consider any medications you may be currently taking when elaborating your treatment plan, so as to avoid undesired interactions and side-effects. If needed, we also recommend important blood tests that help track your progress. For the most holistic care possible, your Naturopathic Doctor collaborates with like-minded family physicists, OB-GYN, osteopaths and chiropractors across Singapore, should you need a referral.

Naturopathic medicine is an effective, yet gentle way of addressing most functional health problems. It is ideal for the treatment of children, expectant women or those who wish to support and nurture their whole self in the healing journey.

Naturopathic medicine is particularly successful in the management of:

Naturopathic medicine offers a new way of looking at the causes of these conditions, and for finding solutions. If you have seen many doctors and specialists and are left with the feeling that “there must be another way” – naturopathic medicine often provides a more balanced perspective than what you may find in mainstream media, and which respects the interdependence of different body systems.

For instance, it might come as a surprise that Naturopathic Doctors often treat the digestive system when dealing with skin issues – or look at adrenal health when treating menopausal symptoms. This is because no body system functions in isolation and naturopathic medicine supports these systems holistically. This can be in stark contract to the traditional, fragmented view of medicine, with “a specialist for every body part”. Treating illness in a less linear way respects the interconnectedness of the complex system that is the human body. As you come in for a naturopathic consultation, be prepared to discover a new perspective on our own biology!