Corporate Wellness

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Corporate wellness is an integral part of what we do at An Apple a Day. Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Psychotherapist Sigrid Grobys has been conducting corporate health programmes for Singapore’s organisations for the last 8 years, from the islands leading banks and global MNCs to local manufacturing outfits and educational institutions.

To fit the needs of your organisation, we offer 2 different corporate wellness products:

Corporate health talks

Our Naturopathic Doctor guides the audience through the latest research when it comes to lifestyle habits and nutrition via powerpoint presentations, delivering both practical tips about healthy eating and living, as well as a strong theoretical background. The information-packed talks below are the most in-depth you will find in Singapore for the lay public and will provide participants with empowering information to make real health-promoting changes in their daily lives! Click here for a list of topics and pricing.

In-House Corporate Health Coach Programs

Canadian-trained Naturopathic Doctor Sigrid Grobys has extensive experience in working with corporate employees and knows their restrictions when it comes to time and looking after their health. For this reason, we have developed convenient programs that allow your employees to receive on-site customized health advice at your corporate location. Click here for more details.

Click on the links above or feel free to contact us should you wish more information on programs, topics and pricing.


Corporate Health Talks

Since the pandemic, we are pleased to continue offering corporate health talks via teleconference – email us at for further information.  Are you looking to support employee well-being, productivity and motivation within your organisation? Invite our Naturopathic Doctor to deliver an engaging & educational presentation for your teams, filled with practical tips around lifestyle, … Continue reading Corporate Health Talks

In-House Corporate Health Coach

Your employees have heard it all when it comes to health and illness prevention? You are looking for something more personalized to ensure your teams stay healthy and productive? Take your corporate wellness offering a step further with our In-House Health Coach service, unique in Singapore.  Many employees are seeking customized advice to help achieve … Continue reading In-House Corporate Health Coach