Private Consultations

Book a private consultation with our Naturopathic Doctor to enjoy the most comprehensive approach to natural therapy.

sigrid como consultation

Your first visit lasts 75  minutes and allows us to establish a holistic picture of your current health & lifestyle, your medical history and your personal story.

We look at indicators of physical health by reviewing blood tests and if needed, performing more advanced functional tests. This forms the base for a treatment plan which replenishes depleted nutrients and addresses potential imbalances – using gentle natural interventions including herbs, vitamins and dietary changes.

A naturopathic consultation also goes beyond the physical layer to understand your personal story and see your health in its context. So many factors can significantly affect our health, whether they are physical (sleep, diet..) or emotional in nature (stress, trauma etc..).

During follow-up sessions (45 mins), we may start working at a deeper level to explore underlying root causes of illness and check on your progress.

What do I need to bring?

For your first consultation, it is useful if you can bring any recent blood/medical test results.