In-House Corporate Health Coach

sigrid como consultation

Your employees have heard it all when it comes to health and illness prevention?

You are looking for something more personalized to ensure your teams stay healthy and productive?

Take your corporate wellness offering a step further with our In-House Health Coach service, unique in Singapore. 

Many employees are seeking customized advice to help achieve their health goals. Attending a one-on-one consultation with our Naturopathic Doctor is one of the best ways for them to learn how to integrate new lifestyle and nutritional habits into their daily routine, and efficiently enhance energy levels and well-being, as well as ward off chronic illness.

Canadian-trained Naturopathic Doctor Sigrid Grobys has extensive experience in working with corporate employees and knows their requirements when it comes to time and looking after their health. For this reason, we have developed a convenient programme that delivers on-site customized health advice for your employees.

In-House Health Coach Programme

With our In-House Health Coach Programme, our Naturopathic Doctor comes to your office location during an agreed period (e.g. 3-4 hours), during which employees can be scheduled for one-on-one health consultations. Consultations take place in any private conference room and the employee is invited to bring latest blood test results if available.

Each one-on-one health consultation:

  • Lasts 30-45 minutes
  • Is conveniently located at your office location for easy employee access
  • Includes a full review of the employee’s latest test results if desired
  • Assesses the individual’s current state of health and health goals
  • Consists of a discussion on customized lifestyle and dietary changes
  • Issues a tailored treatment plan, which also includes nutritional supplement recommendations, if necessary
  • Includes referrals to other health practitioners in Singapore, if necessary
  • Offers the opportunity to email the Naturopathic Doctor for ongoing health support

Resident Health Coach Program

Your organization can take it a step further with our Resident Health Coach Program – where our Naturopathic Doctor comes to your location for one-on-one personalized consultations with your employees for a whole day once or twice a month. This program ensures more continuity of treatment for employees and allows a higher success rate with lifestyle and dietary changes with more sustainable long-term health benefits. This also allows for lifestyle change to occur promptly after follow-up health screens and blood test results are obtained.


Contact us for more information regarding pricing for our In-House and Resident Health Coach programs.