Corporate Health Talks

Are you looking to support employee well-being, productivity and motivation within your organisation?

Invite our Naturopathic Doctor to deliver an engaging & educational presentation for your teams, filled with practical tips around lifestyle, healthy eating, and stress management.

These information-packed and enjoyably interactive talks are the most in-depth you can find in Singapore, tailored especially for corporate audiences to provide participants with empowering information enabling real health-promoting changes in their daily lives!

All talks are 60 minutes and priced at S$350.

Below is a list of our most popular topics. Please contact us if you have a special topic in mind for your corporate group that you would like us to customize.

Unique in Singapore, we also offer an On-site Corporate Health Coach programme for companies looking to offer their employees are more personalized approach to wellness support.

Topics for Corporate Health Talks

New Topic!

Get Your Questions About the Haze Answered!
How long can I keep my N95 mask before it looses effectiveness? Are there supplements I can take to protect myself from the haze? What are the best air purifiers to buy for home? What does haze really do the body?

Join us for this innovative health talk to learn how to protect yourself against the ill-effects of the haze using natural medicine. Your speaker, naturopathic doctor Sigrid Grobys, summarizes latest scientific findings about the health effects of air pollution and outlines how nutrition, lifestyle and natural supplements can help protect your body. There is more to the N95 mask when the haze strikes again!


Eat Your Way to Success
Our most popular talk topic! Feeling sleepy after lunch? Having difficulty concentrating at an important meeting? Learn how your food choices impact your level of motivation and alertness, and what to eat to become more efficient at work.

Supermarket Tour
In this interactive talk, participants get to go grocery shopping in teams! As they re-convene at the office, we discuss which items of the shopping basket are healthy and which are not – and in the process understand more about healthy eating, food labeling and making healthy food choices.

Healthy Foods Kids Will Eat
You have a suspicion that your child is eating too much sweets, cookies and chocolates? Or perhaps you child is struggling with weight issues? Or maybe you’d like to have the family eat more vegetables? Learn about healthy eating for kids and secrets of the trade to have those children eat healthier meals.

All About Cholesterol
Confused about “good”, “bad” cholesterol, triglycerides and interpreting your lab results and what they truly mean? This highly practical talk is for you, as we will explore important facts about cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risk; and how to improve our cholesterol profile through diet and lifestyle.

What’s the Fuss About Gluten-Free?
We’ve heard the words “gluten” and “gluten-free” a lot lately, and many people are now on diets “free” of all sorts of foods items such as gluten, dairy or even eggs. This talk sheds some light on the importance of addressing food intolerances as a trigger to many symptoms like fatigue, skin problems and more.

Pamper your Brain
Difficulty concentrating at work? Moods swings or a fuzzy brain prevent you from making the most of your day at work? Learn how small changes in your nutrition can greatly enhance your concentration and ability to think efficiently!

Weight Loss: Debunking the Myths
If you think a low-calorie, low-fat diet is what it takes to maintain or lose weight – think again! Find out about how to lose weight while following a nutritionally sound diet – but beware, as this presentation will shake many of your deeply rooted beliefs about healthy eating!

Cancer Prevention in 5 Steps
Many cancers only strike in developed countries, while sparing our developing neighbours – science has shown that developed societies have 5 bad habits in common that seem to encourage cancer growth. Learn how to change your lifestyle and stay cancer-free.

Never Sick Again
Repetitive colds, flus and other infections get the better of you throughout the year? In this primer, we will teach you how to boost your immunity with nutrition, lifestyle changes and the help of herbs & supplements to never be sick again!

Processed Foods: why should we care?
Modern eating has a lot to do with processed foods – learn more about their nutritional content, why it matters, and how to decipher their food labels when grocery shopping.

Women’s Health

A Talk for Women – Hormonal Health at All Ages
It is not easy to stay in a state of healthy hormonal balance in today’s modern world with many synthetic pollutants around us upsetting our careful hormonal machinery. Many women wonder about hormonal pills either to control menstrual symptoms, for contraception or later to manage the menopausal years. This talk is for all inquisitive women who would like to learn daily lifestyle and nutrition tips to naturally manage their hormonal health and keep PMS, menstrual issues and mood swings away!

A Talk for Women – Get to Know Your Menstrual Cycle
Most of us have not explored the physiology of our menstrual cycle since secondary school biology class. The dry material you were presented back then is far from our daily experience of our own fascinating hormones. In this interactive talk, be prepared to learn about how your hormones impact your mood, ability to conceive, contraception, what to do naturally to support a healthy cycle.

Stress Management

Stress-Free Living
What happens in our bodies when we are stressed? How do stress hormones affect our bodies negatively? How can we minimize the impact of stress on our health? Lifestyle changes, herbal remedies and simple breathing techniques are covered in this presentation, so that participants can easily integrate them in their daily lives and quickly feel increased well-being.

Secrets of a Good Night’s Sleep
In our fast-paced society, many people do not sleep well at night – learn about simple, tried & tested practical tips to achieve a good night’s sleep while supporting our natural physiology and body clock.

Travel Health
If much of your daily life is spent in airports and you are struggling with jet lag and other travel inconveniences, like sticking to a healthy diet while on the move, then this talk is for you! We’ll discuss tips to deal with jet lag, water retention, fatigue and much more!

Coping with 2 Jobs: Parenthood and Work
Most parents agree that they essentially have 2 jobs. This can create a great deal of stress and lead to depression, interpersonal problems and bitterness both at home and in the workplace. Learn about simple stress-management tips and new ways of looking at this modern-day issue that can help us bloom both with our children and in our professional lives.

Home remedies & Herbs

Basic Herbal Health for the Home
Cuts & scrapes, colds & flus, bumps & bruises….How to put together your basic herb and vitamin kit for the home. It goes well beyond vitamin C and you’ll be amazed at what you can do to enhance the whole family’s health with simple natural products.